Effective Strategies for Improving Starcraft 2 Skill

When it comes to real-time strategy, few games in the genre can compare in quality or prestige to Starcraft 2. For those who wish to succeed at Starcraft 2 and acquire the potential to be accepted into Diamond League, many steps can be taken in order to improve Starcraft 2 skill.


One strategy that can be implemented in order to improve Starcraft 2 skill is to take advantage of the numerous strategy guides and add-ons that are available. For example, one of the most reputable strategy guides is Shokz Starcraft 2 Guide, which has become noticeably popular amongst both experienced players as well as complete noobs. The guide provides in-depth, detailed strategies and tactics to use with each of the three different races and can provide immense insight into the game that would normally take years of experience to acquire. Additionally, another incredibly popular add-on is the Diamond Gamer Starcraft 2 Add-On.
The Osiris Method is a guide which describes itself like: The Osiris Method is more than just a strategy guide – it is a complete Starcraft 2 training program.
The newest guide is Secrets of the Swarm by Ji Sung from South Korea.


In addition to strategy guides and add-ons, other outstanding resources for improving Starcraft 2 skill are the numerous online discussion boards dedicated to the topic. Because Starcraft is such a popular game, millions of people are looking for reliable strategies and tactics for defeating their opponents, and many discussion boards have been formed for the sole purpose of sharing this information with anybody who seeks it. In particular, the most renowned forum is the Team Liquid board, which was founded by one of the most successful guilds in Starcraft history. Any time a question about the game arises, all that is necessary is to post it at the Team Liquid board and hundreds of people will share their experiences on the topic, providing priceless insight that can greatly improve one’s skill.


Although strategy guides and discussion boards are phenomenal resources to help improve skill in beginners or intermediate level players, advanced players may eventually find that they require more intricate tactics in order to succeed. In this case, one strategy that players can consider is hiring a private coach to work with them one-on-one and determine their weaknesses. Few methods of training are more effective than actually practicing with the best players in the world, and this may be one of the most favorable strategies for those who truly wish to dominate. In general, hiring a professional Starcraft player for coaching lessons will typically cost between $30-$50 per hour. Although this is likely too expensive for the casual gamer, those who aspire to be accepted into Diamond League and are willing to do whatever it takes to get there will likely need to seek out a mentor to coach them.


Along with seeking help from strategy guides, discussion boards, and private coaching, another effective strategy for improving Starcraft 2 skill is to analyze replays of high-Elo matches in order to absorb the style of the professionals and learn how to incorporate their strengths into your own gameplay. For example, analyzing replays can initially provide basic but vital information, such as what units to create in order to counter the types of units your enemy is producing, or when it is preferable to defend rather than attack. Additionally, however, small details can be picked up that are subtle yet incredibly essential. Knowing exactly how many civilians to produce to acquire resources before building a barracks may not seem like it would have a significant effect, but the reality is even small things such as this can have a profound impact over the course of a game. Rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel and figure out these tactics on your own, a more favorable strategy is to analyze the way the professionals play and attempt to emulate their strengths in your own games.

Watch streams

For those who wish to take advantage of the insight that can be gleaned from watching high-Elo matches, but are not experienced enough to know exactly what to be looking for, another tactic that can be employed to improve Starcraft 2 skill is to watch streams in which experts provide their own analysis on professional play. These streams provide an enormous amount of value to those who watch them regularly and can be taken advantage of by both beginners and advanced players. In particular, the most renowned Starcraft 2 stream is undoubtedly the Day9 Daily Show. The Day9 Daily Show is well-known amongst nearly all Starcraft players as one of the most beneficial sources of reliable Starcraft analyses, and those who consistently follow the stream on a daily basis will acquire an incredible tactical advantage against enemies who have not followed the show.

Gear up

One additional strategy that is effective for improving Starcraft 2 skill is to take advantage of advanced pieces of hardware and gear. The most essential piece of hardware to acquire is a modern, up-to-date computer that can handle running an advanced game without delay. Additionally, acquiring high speed internet access is also essential. Although this may not be important for those who restrict themselves to playing the single player campaign, few things are more devastating in a multiplayer game than being defeated due to internet lag. Another piece of equipment that many Starcraft players acquire is a good microphone headset. While a microphone is unnecessary for those who only play 1 v 1, possessing the capability to talk to teammates when playing with allies can provide an incredible advantage compared to relying on instant messaging.

Practice, practice, practice!

Overall, numerous strategies exist for those who wish to improve their Starcraft 2 skill. Although it often requires an innumerable amount of practice before players are capable of entering Diamond League, those who implement these tactics consistently will find that they are significantly more capable of defeating their opponents.